Ryan Graham
Multimedia, Programming and Game Development '24

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Growing up I always enjoyed things relating to media as a whole. I played multiple instruments, I enjoyed skateboarding and snowboarding, and I filmed my friends doing both of those things as well. I had a passion for music, I loved video games, and I dreamed of creating my own in the future. In my late teens, I decided to take my life in a slightly different direction for the time being, and I joined the Army as a 68W Combat Medic. My time in the military taught me many life lessons, and encouraged me to always keep pursuing my goals in life. After being honorably discharged from the Army, I worked as an EMT on the civilian side for about 2 years. However, after spending my late teens and early adult years caring for others, I decided to change my life. I then began attending CCAC for Multimedia, Programming, and Game Development. Later down the road, I also decided to pursue a certificate in Digital Design and my Associate’s degree. Since then, I’ve truly discovered my passion for all things media-related. I have the skills to design websites, edit graphics and photos, create digital art, develop video games, design game prototypes, and edit videos.