Deanna Gray
Deanna Gray
Graphic Communications, '23

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Deeply entrenched in the heart of Pittsburgh’s creative scene, I actively participate in local art events, infusing my energy and talents into gallery showcases with Redfishbowl Studios and diving into live painting sessions at Pittsburgh Art All Night. These experiences mold my work and add vibrancy to our community’s artistic spirit. My artistic odyssey began at Pennsylvania Western University, formerly known as Clarion University, where my love for English technical and documentary writing blossomed into a dual major, culminating in a rich blend of skills acquired from Clarion University and the Associate Graphic Communications program at the Community College of Allegheny County. This educational journey forms the bedrock of my creativity, allowing me to seamlessly blend words and graphics into captivating visual narratives. Through my illustrations, I breathe life into stories, while my graphic designs convey complex ideas with warmth and clarity. The written word acts as my canvas and guiding light, weaving through my creations to craft compelling and cohesive visual tales. Beyond my creative endeavors, I hold a deep-seated passion for animal welfare, especially for our beloved pigeons. Regularly rescuing and fostering these feathered friends, I provide them with a safe haven and loving care, reflecting my commitment to compassion. This ethos of kindness extends beyond my artwork, infusing my creative process with empathy and understanding. With boundless enthusiasm, I eagerly embrace new challenges and skills. I am expanding my repertoire to include UX/UI design, HTML coding, and basic animation, adding depth and dimension to my work. Each new skill learned adds another layer of magic to my creations, ensuring their relevance and impact in our ever-evolving artistic landscape. Through my art, I invite viewers to embark on a journey of wonder and imagination. I aspire to be a friendly beacon of creativity in Pittsburgh’s vibrant artistic community, illuminating the path forward for fellow artists and art enthusiasts alike.